Everything is Better Frozen According to Jose Mier

key lime pie

If You Freeze It They Will Come

Not every frozen dessert included ice cream. Admiring as I am of flavors like Superman ice cream, I enjoy all types of frozen desserts. This web page on Tasty.com bolsters my argument. Indeed there are many desserts that stand on their own without any ice cream.

If I may, I would like to send a shout out to that person who first thought of the idea of the ice cream cake. Simply having a scoop of ice cream on the side of your cake was not good enough—no! American ingenuity gave us cake and ice cream in one. Hail to you sir or madam! But I digress.

As I said pretty much anything can be made better by freezing. A dessert which is already a tsty treat gets a cool jump start by being placed in the freezer. Case in point: key lime pie.

key lime pie
Key lime pie: always better frozen!

From The Tropics to Your Freezer

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love key lime pie with its unique piquant citrus flavor. It usually calls out to me when I’m at a restaurant and they bring the dessert menu. I can’t help it. There’s something about this dish that make it unique. Key limes, perhaps? The texture also gets me going. But this blog is dedicated to frozen desserts so imagine my delight at happening on a recipe for FROZEN key lime pie.

It has everything a key lime lover would desire: graham cracker crust, lime juice, whipping cream and cream cheese (the usual suspects) but pop it in the freezer for 8 hours and this tropical delicacy takes on a new cooler personality. This is exactly what the doctor ordered for the scorching days we’re not going through.

Summer is upon us which makes all my blog posts even more appropriate. We want—we need—icy desserts to combat the heat that summer brings. Tired of ice cream? (Why do I even ask such a ridiculous question?) But if you are, take a stab at this sweet, tart, frozen piece of heaven. Frozen key lime pie! Tell your friends Jose Mier prescribed it!