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Frozen Jose Mier's mermaid ice cream from Delish

Under The Sea: Jose Mier Dives for Mermaid Ice Cream

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Guaranteed to Make Every Little Girl Happy   Readers of my previous Jose Mier ice cream articles– especially ones like that about Superman ice cream–know that I have a personal fondness for multicolored ice creams. Today’s flavor is similar. I’m talking about mermaid ice cream. This ice cream is a combination of pastel colors that ….  Read More

Friendly's website Wattamelon Roll Frozen Jose Mier

Frozen Jose Mier Visits the Jersey Shore

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Watermelon Ice Cream Garden State Favorite Okay, so one of the iconic flavors of summer is watermelon and though we are well into fall I’m still going to write about this unique ice cream flavor. It just happens to be the state of New Jersey’s favorite ice cream. Watermelon is associated with summer because that ….  Read More

Maple nut ice cream on Frozen Jose Mier site

Massachusetts Favorite: Maple Nut Ice Cream

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Frozen Jose Mier Get a Little Syrupy Yes I’m getting a little syrupy here, pun intended. That’s because the latest ice cream flavor I am profiling on the Frozen Jose Mier website is Massachusetts’ favorite: maple nut ice cream. This flavor has all the ingredients to make a memorable and delicious ice cream including Massachusetts ….  Read More