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strawberry shortcake bars Jose Mier favorite

Frozen Jose Mier’s Taste of Childhood

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Strawberry Shortcake Bars   Jose Mier coming to you from deep inside my Sun Valley, CA freezer where I keep all my frozen treats. If you’re like me you remember strawberry shortcake bars with fondness. Maybe you got yours when the ice cream truck drove through your neighborhood or maybe you picked them up at ….  Read More

jose mier gin and tonic pops

Tipsy Jose Mier With Another Boozy Dessert

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Frozen Gin and Tonic   Frozen Jose Mier with yet another alcohol-infused frozen dessert. I can’t take credit for this since once again my go-to recipe idea website, has posted hey recipe and video for gin and tonic pops–frozen of course. This is another example of an adult dessert like some of the other ….  Read More

Frozen Jose Mier's orange cream ice cream in tray

Florida’s Favorite Ice Cream: Orange Cream

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Frozen Jose Mier Remembers Summer Flavors If you were to associate one fruit with the state of Florida which fruit with that be? That’s mostly in a rhetorical question since Florida is so famous for oranges. It’s no surprise then, that the favorite ice cream flavor of that state would be orange cream. Florida is ….  Read More