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Fudgecicles in Jose Mier's Sun Valley Kitchen

Chocolate Bliss: The Irresistible World of Chocolate Frozen Desserts

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Frozen Jose Mier’s Infatuation with The Decadent Ingredient Frozen Jose Mier has always promoted delicious frozen delicacies, but time and again things come back to one unique ingredient: chocolate. What is it about this enticing, irresistible substance that lends itself so well to frozen desserts? Chocolate, the ambrosial ingredient that has captivated the hearts of ….  Read More

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Best Frozen Desserts For Hot Summer

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Frozen Jose Mier Applauds Hazelnut Mousse Cake Jose Mier’s freezer gets very busy when the temperatures start rising. I’m always on the lookout for something new and interesting and most of all FROZEN, so that it’s extra delightful to indulge in. I just happened upon another frozen dessert recipe on the food and wine website ….  Read More