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jose mier pumpkin ice cream in Sun Valley, CA

Jose Mier Pumpkin Ice Cream in Sun Valley

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Autumn is the Perfect Time For It Jose Mier in my Sun Valley, CA freezer. Yes, it’s officially Autumn which means it’s time for Fall treats. Images of Halloween candies like candy corn come to mind. But there’s another treat (frozen, of course) that I like. It’s pumpkin ice cream. Of course I’m a big ….  Read More

Caneel Bay, home of Snickerdoodle Frozen Dessert

Favorite Dessert Story: Caneel Bay

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One of the best frozen desserts I have ever eaten was when I was at Caneel Bay. This resort of the Caribbean provides what every beachvacation needs to – gorgeous surroundings, luxuryservice, and premium dining. This chichi beachy resort is nestled within the Virgin Islands National Park which span 5 thousand acres on the island ….  Read More

Frozen ice cream dessert Jose Mier

Delicious Desserts: Frozen or Otherwise

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An Overview From Jose Mier Ah, yes. Dessert. A “Dessert” is one of (and usually the final) meal course that typically arrives after supper. The majority of frequently Dessert foods are of sweet food but can likewise be of savory foods, such as cheese, or even cheese cake. It wasn’t until the period following the ….  Read More

Frozen Jose Mier cone in parlor

Enjoyable Realities About Ice Cream

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Did Jose Mier invent ice cream? Well, not quite. While some proclaim that the 13th century adventurer Marco Polo, brought ice cream to Europeans from the regions of the Far East. Regardless of where it came from, today’s average American consumes almost 25 quarts of ice cream per annum, with the initial ice cream parlor ….  Read More

Jose Mier at Sun Valley, CA ice cream trade show

Ice Cream Trade Shows

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Jose Mier Behind the Scenes In 2020 production of ice cream and other similar frozen items in the United States reached roughly 1.6 billion gallons equaling to about 21.5 quarts consumption per person, with five top various flavors that shared a slice of being “favorites” namely vanilla, chocolate, Neapolitan, strawberry, and cookies and cream. That ….  Read More