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jose mier ice cream sandwich from Epicurious

Frozen Jose Mier and The 2-Tone Ice Cream Sandwich

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Another from Epicurious’ List   I think Frozen Jose Mier has written about the ice cream sandwich before but we haven’t discussed Epicurious’ two-tone ice cream sandwich. Nor have we provided a recipe to make them youself. Well, here it is! I keep going back to because the frozen desserts on their top 100 ….  Read More

jose mier frozen grasshopper tart

Frozen Jose Mier Grasshopper Tart

ice creamjose miersun valley cacreme de menthefrozen jose miergrasshopper piesun valley ca

Delightfully Frozen and Minty Frozen Jose Mier tries to find the most interesting recipes for frozen desserts that you can try at home. This is one that I’ve always loved but for whatever reason I haven’t made in years. I’m talking about grasshopper pie. In this case, the recipe I found on is called ….  Read More

strawberry shortcake bars Jose Mier favorite

Frozen Jose Mier’s Taste of Childhood

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Strawberry Shortcake Bars   Jose Mier coming to you from deep inside my Sun Valley, CA freezer where I keep all my frozen treats. If you’re like me you remember strawberry shortcake bars with fondness. Maybe you got yours when the ice cream truck drove through your neighborhood or maybe you picked them up at ….  Read More

jose mier epicurious dole whip

Frozen Jose Mier Returns to the Magic Kingdom

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Epicurious’ Take on Dole Whip   Remember my Frozen Jose Mier post on frozen bananas? That’s a treat I love to enjoy each time I visit Disneyland. I happen to live in Sun Valley California, which, without any traffic, is a 45 minute drive away from Disneyland. But there’s another iconic frozen treat people line ….  Read More

jose mier adores avocado ice cream

Jose Mier Rejoices in Avocado Ice Cream

ice creamjose miersun valley caavocado ice creamjose miersun valley ca

Surprisingly Popular Previous Jose Mier ice cream posts talked about obscure or ice cream flavors like cotton candy or black sesame and I’m always on the lookout for interesting and unique frozen desserts—especially ice cream flavors. You may not be familiar with my hometown of Sun Valley, California, but there is a very high Latino ….  Read More