Kansas’ Purple Pride Ice Cream

frozen jose mier purple pride ice cream

Frozen Jose Mier Explores Another Name for Blueberry

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. I think that applies to blueberries as well. We’re talking about Kansas here and one of the favorite flavors of ice cream in that state. Here it’s known as purple pride ice cream. Why? Because the color of Kansas State University is purple and students and alumni from KSU have a lot of pride in their school. In fact, on-campus, the Call Hall Dairy serves up it’s About 750 gallons per year.

frozen jose mier purple pride ice cream
frozen jose mier purple pride ice cream

As I said purple pride is the name given to Kansas version of blueberry ice cream. Try to find a recipe for purple pride ice cream online and it will appear as though you’re out of luck. But for those who understand this is just another name for blueberry ice cream, can easily find any number of recipes online. One that I like is from Driscoll’s. You may know the name from shopping at the grocery store. Driscoll’s is one of the top brands of blueberry producers in the United States and I’m sure they know a thing or two about turning blueberries into ice cream.

Although you won’t find purple pride ice cream necessarily in places like Sun Valley, California, my base of operations, you will find blueberry. It’s another popular flavor that’s also widely available commercially. As I stress so often, nothing compares to ice cream made fresh at home and ice cream using fresh blueberries is going to taste even sweeter and with more flavor than any prepackaged variety.

I enjoy blueberry ice cream for both the flavor and the color. I prefer the deepest shade of purple that I can find. For centuries purple was always associated with royalty since the dyes needed to make this color we’re in short supply and therefore very expensive. Perhaps there’s something in our psyche that still registers and associates purple with wealth and luxury. I can’t say for sure but I really do like looking at purple ice cream. I get the same sensation from ice creams like Ube from Hawaii, which I wrote about in an earlier Frozen Jose Mier article.

So the next time you’re out and about been looking for another flavor of ice cream to try either pick up the quart— or half gallon—of blueberry ice cream, or better yet make it yourself. Then raise a cone in solidarity with our brothers and sisters from Kansas.


Kansas’ Purple Pride Ice Cream
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Kansas’ Purple Pride Ice Cream
Frozen Jose Mier celebrates Kansas' favorite ice cream flavor: purple pride. Purple is the color of Kansas State University, hence the pride.
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