Indiana Loves Chocolate. A Lot

Frozen Jose Mier chocolate ice cream

State Raves for This Classic

Frozen Jose Mier loves all things ice cream and chocolate is one of the all-time top flavors. Granted, it’s not as flashy as Superman ice cream, but it’s one of those tried-and-true flavors that will always be in the pantheon of ice creams. Indiana loves this flavor and it’s no wonder. After California, Indiana is the top producer of ice cream in the United States. It is also the home of Edy’s ice cream who, it’s purported, produces the finest chocolate ice cream around.

Frozen Jose Mier chocolate ice cream
Frozen Jose Mier praises chocolate ice cream

Everyone loves chocolate and perhaps it’s because there’s something about that flavor, or maybe it does produce endorphins when we eat it. Who knows? The fact is the people of Indiana gobble this flavor up more than any other ice cream flavor.

Chocolate ice cream, when done well, can be so rich and delicious on its own that it doesn’t need any other ingredients, but chocolate also lends itself very well to a variety of other ingredients in the mix. Ice cream entrepreneurs have taken chocolate to new heights things like chocolate chili from New Mexico, chocolate chocolate chip and even Maryland Mud. There’s no end to the creativity that comes by using a chocolate base.

I don’t even have to say that this is such a popular flavor. Just about everyone in the world knows this instinctively. There probably isn’t one ice cream manufacturer that doesn’t include chocolate on its list and recipes to make this at home abound everywhere. I know without doubt that EVERY ice cream parlor in my hometown of Sun Valley, CA is going to have chocolate ice cream on the menu. I venture to say that you’ll have trouble only in deciding which YouTube video to watch when you try to create your own batch of chocolate ice cream. And making it yourself is the only true way to get the texture and flavor that you love.

So for all its ubiquity and apparent plainness, chocolate ice cream remains a favorite of millions, if not billions, of people around the world and that includes most of the residents of Indiana.

Indiana Loves Chocolate. A Lot
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Indiana Loves Chocolate. A Lot
Frozen Jose Mier writes about Indiana's favorite ice cream flavor: chocolate. It's one of the most popular flavors of all time.
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