Baltimore’s Best Kept Secret

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Frozen Jose Mier Unearths Maryland Mud Ice Cream

Okay so it may not be a secret in Baltimore but outside of Maryland you’re not going to find a lot of Maryland Mud ice cream. This is a shame because from what I can see it looks like one of the most spectacular ice creams in the United States. It’s also probably the most obscure. From what I can gather it’s created with a chocolate ice cream base and then pieces of chocolate and Oreo cookies are added to the mix. One ice cream shop in Baltimore also added white chocolate covered potato chips but as you can see from their Facebook posts they had to change the recipe. They just couldn’t dip enough potato chips to satisfy the demand.

child's miuddy hands
No Maryland Mud for Jose Mier in Sun Valley

I’m surprised that this flavor although popular in Maryland is so obscure. Literally, I cannot find a recipe online. Try to find a video? Again no results. This is one that you will have to travel to Maryland to taste and it’s almost incentive enough to get me to hop on a plane go to Baltimore. I will bet you any amount of money I will never find it here in Sun Valley, CA.

I would suggest researching ice cream parlors in Baltimore and elsewhere in Maryland to see if you can get any clues as to how to create this ice cream. However you could try to make your own which I’m sure would still be very good. Just follow my above ingredient list and have at it.

It’s actually funny that I can find more recipes and videos for Eskimo ice cream than I can for Maryland Mud. The ingredients for Maryland Mud are not outlandish— certainly not as out of the ordinary as seal blubber or elk fat but nonetheless we are on our own in trying to re-create Maryland’s favorite flavor of ice cream.

Baltimore’s Best Kept Secret
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Baltimore’s Best Kept Secret
Frozen Jose Mier writes about Maryland Mud ice cream. Chocolate ice cream with chocolate and oreo pieces. It's very obscure.
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