Spicy Jose Mier: Firecracker Ice Cream

Jose Mier holds a firecracker ice cream cone

Jose Mier Feels the Frozen Burn

I love to unearth novel an exciting frozen desserts. As you know I’ve documented several obscure but fun ice cream flavors over the last few weeks and today’s addition is no exception. Firecracker Ice Cream.

Jose Mier holds a firecracker ice cream cone
Jose Mier holds a firecracker ice cream cone

It’s appropriate that as we just celebrated the 4th of July (and yes, despite the ban on fireworks here in Sun Valley, CA, there were plenty of firecrackers going off) that I should introduce my readers to firecracker ice cream.

At first I didn’t know what to expect but the more I found out, the more I liked what I saw. I’ve documented sweet, tart, multicolored and even jet-black ice creams. This one stands on its own in its own category. What makes it so special? Well, just like its namesake there’s fire involved. At least figurative fire. This flavor gets its name and reputation from cinnamon. And depending on how you get or make it, it will get its flavor from the spiciness of cinnamon or the addition of those hot, red, cinnamon candies that we love to burn our taste buds with.

I think firecracker ice cream is ingenious. With only a hint of what’s to come (thanks to its slightly red coloring) this is a dessert that is at once ice cold and yet packed with heat. The contract couldn’t be more stark—and I love it.

Like the other obscure flavors I’ve listed in this blog, it’s not a flavor readily available in the grocer’s freezer—you may have to hunt for it. Companies like Turkey Hill do produce it, but I suspect you’ll find it in short supply since it may be an acquired taste. Barring that, you can always make your own version and I add a link to the recipe here.

If you want to keep the 4th of July fireworks going throughout the month, buy or make yourself up a batch of this spicy frozen treat.