West Virginia Favorite: Black Walnut Ice Cream

Frozen Jose Mier Black Walnut Ice Cream

One of Frozen José Mier’s Absolute Favorites

Frozen José Meyer shares a certain affinity Virginians. That is their love for black walnut ice cream. It’s apparently the state favorite. I wholeheartedly agree. Wow I love pretty much every flavor of ice cream, there is something about black walnut that drives me nuts (pun intended).

Frozen Jose Mier Black Walnut Ice Cream
Black Walnut Ice Cream: West Virgina and Jose Mier Favorite

There something about the texture of this ice cream is incredible not only is it creamy and buttery but the nutty flavor and the chewiness of the nuts contained within it is something wonderful There are many different recipes for this flavor of ice cream online and you can take your pick. Some like allrecipes.com will have you add black walnut extract. I’m not a fan of this particularly, I prefer using just the walnuts themselves to add the nutty flavor to this ice cream. You do it right when you heat the milk cream and nuts the nuts will infuse the ice cream with their flavor without the need for the extract. Another website, honest-food.net has a recipe that uses the nuts alone and that’s what I prefer.

Regardless, there is something so simple and yet so satisfying about black walnut ice cream. It’s one of the ice cream’s I’ve made at home and it was spectacular. Unlike Neapolitan, chocolate, vanilla or strawberry, this is going to be one of the harder to find ice cream’s commercially. Of course it is available but it’s not made in the same quantities as the other more popular flavors.

It’s such a unique ice cream that even if you can’t find it on your grocery shelves it’s one of the flavors I urge you to make at home. The taste just cannot be duplicated. I really love this flavor and it’s no wonder I share the love of this ice cream with West Virginia. Even though I am in Sun Valley California I can enjoy the taste of this ice cream anytime when I whip it up and freeze it at home.


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