Cowboy State’s Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

Oatmeal Cookie on Frozen Jose Mier

Frozen Jose Mier on Oatmeal Cookie Dough Ice Cream

It sure seems like cowboys love cookies. And it would appear that their favorite is oatmeal cookies. Take that a step further and the residents of Wyoming love this flavor of ice cream.

Oatmeal Cookie on Frozen Jose Mier
Frozen Jose Mier loves oatmeal cookie dough too!

It’s not that unusual a flavor and ever since some genius figured out a way to put cookie dough into ice cream we’ve been blessed with a variety of cookie-flavored frozen treats. Recipes are a varied as the stars in the Wyoming sky but has a great one. The secret—if you can call it that—it the inclusion of those same ingredients that make outmeal cookies so delicious: brown sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon. Of course some rolled oats are going to put the cherry on the top, so to speak. For an extra bit of fun you can top this ice cream with whole or chopped nuts. Walnuts would do fine.

As I said, this is not an obscure flavor like, say, black sesame, (see the Frozen Jose Mier post on that), but it’s not one of the most popular flavors (Wyoming being the exception). Because of this it may be more regional, but Dreyer’s does make a version of this with the addition of chocolate chips. It is a limited edition so if you don’t find it on your supermarket shelves you may just want to make it yourself—and what’s wrong with that.

Join a passle of cowboys from Wyoming and whip yourself up a barch of their favorite flavor of ice cream!