Frozen Jose Mier Visits Rhode Island

Frozen Jose Mier espresso ice cream

Espresso Ice Cream Their Favorite

What is it about Rhode Islanders that makes espresso ice cream their favorite? Is it their ability to drive the whole state in under an hour? Do they need to be mentally alert and awake so that they don’t end up in New Hamphire or Massachusetts? Whatever it is they seem to love their coffee.

Frozen Jose Mier espresso ice cream
Frozen Jose Mier espresso ice cream

In fact, coffee milk is the state’s official beverage. No wonder they love coffee in their desserts as well. Frozen Jose Mier is taking the opportunity to salute our smallest state’s favorite ice cream flavor. It’s not really out of the ordinary like, say, firecracker ice cream, but it does have more of a boost to it than most other ice cream flavors thanks to coffee’s caffeine levels. As an aside I love coffee or espresso ice cream and used to have it when I could find it on restaurant menus. Then I found I could not get to sleep if I’d eaten this delicious flavor too late. Sadly I haven’t had espresso ice cream for many years.

No Sleep for Jose Mier After This Recipe

As I said, it’s a rather popular and available flavor both in parlors and on grocers’ shelves but it’s not difficult to make yourself and at Frozen Jose Mier we’re all about DIY. In addition to the regular ice cream base you’ll need some ground espresso coffee beans and some recipes call for Kahlua liqueur. Ina Garten’s recipe for this specialty also calls for chocolate covered espresso beans. Again, these are delicious but they’ll definitely prevent Jose Mier from sleeping at all once eaten!

Regardless, the flavor of this ice cream is just the thing for a cool quick start in the afternoon during these scorching summer days. We can take a tip from Rhode Island and grab a scoop of espresso ice cream.