Delaware Plays it Cool

Mint chip ice cream frozen Jose Mier

Frozen Jose Mier on Mint Chip Ice Cream

What is it with Delaware? Did they think they’re cooler and we are? Well right now that is physically true. As we here in California in my home of Sun Valley California suffer through hottest heatwave on record, I’m sure Delaware is a lot cooler than we are. But I think they’re favorite ice cream flavor is also a cooler choice.

Mint chip ice cream frozen Jose Mier
Mint chip ice cream: Frozen Jose Mier agrees with Delaware

Compared to California I would agree with Delaware residents that mint chocolate chip ice cream is a great flavor. Yes, California appears to favor Neapolitan ice cream—though I still can’t figure out why—but Delaware goes for the minty, chocolatey goodness of mint chip ice cream.

There’s something about mint that is just so perfect in ice cream. Ice cream by its very nature, being frozen, is cool to the tongue. But the addition meant is an extra bit of coolness the just feels so right. It’s similar to a frozen grasshopper pie with its crème de menthe and Oreo cookie crust. The mint flavor takes you to new heights and the chocolate brings you back down to earth in the same bite.

Now, Frozen Jose Mier is not one to promote low fat or guilt free ice creams. No, in my opinion an ice cream worth the name has a higher fat content to give it that rich creamy texture. That’s why it’s important to start the proper ice cream base and make sure you’re using heavy cream.

Frozen Jose Mier Says Just Do It

Mint chocolate chip is another flavor that is very popular. Therefore it’s available in most places commercially. It’s not hard to fine, right up there with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. I know you’ve heard me say it before but there’s something about making it yourself it is so satisfying. So here I am again, Frozen Jose Mier, encouraging you to make your own mint chocolate chip ice cream. I’ve included an easy recipe from

In addition the flavor is so popular there are any number of videos available on YouTube that you can watch and with which you can follow along. There. You have no excuse. As long as you have an ice cream making machine in the ingredients on hand why not take a break from the summer heat— Especially here in California –enjoying the majority of Delaware residents in creating their favorite flavor: mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Delaware Plays it Cool
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Delaware Plays it Cool
Frozen Jose Mier agrees with Delware, that mint chocolate chip ice cream is pretty darned good. The flavor is the state favorite.
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