Why Don’t More People Talk About Frozen Custard?

frozen custard jose mier gastronomy site

Okay, glad you asked. Jose Mier here again with another frozen dessert. Americans are preoccupied with ice cream. So much so that we overlook its delicious cousin: frozen custard.

Basic ice cream is made using just milk and sugar as the primary ingredients. But frozen custard adds another, including eggs with the mix during the making process. Frozen custard is a delectable treat, offering a savory and sweet taste. It takes some time to prepare and the differences can be noted while eating it. Frozen custard is popular all around the world and people often put their own twist on it. It has a denser consistency and frozen custard can be made with many flavors too. That makes it a popular choice and it is becoming more common in a lot of supermarkets these days too.

frozen custard jose mier gastronomy site
Yummy frozen custard

Gelato is a variety of frozen custard that is popular with people. It has a distinctive taste and hails from the country of Italy. Frozen custard takes some professional flourish to prepare, but the end result is well worth the effort. Many different flavors and ingredients can be included to produce great Gelato. Some shoppes in Italy have been selling Gelato for years now. It has achieved worldwide popularity among those who try it out for themselves. People also travel to Italy to give the Gelato a try. It is often prepared in a big dish and served by the scoop.

What’s in Jose Mier’s Dish?

Many people ask how to tell the difference between regular ice cream and frozen custard. The consistency will be key, because that demonstrates the full range of flavors. It is easy to make, given the right ingredients and food preparation steps as well. People can actually make frozen custard right in the home setting. That is a fun family activity and helps bring together people for the dish. Remember to let it freeze for a while before it is served. That will give it a thick consistency that is much appreciated too.