Simplicity Itself: The Ice Cream Sandwich

Jose Mier's Ice Cream Sandwich Photo

Jose Mier again. We’ve gone from simple treats like ice cream cones to complex things like Baked Alaska, but there’s another simple treat that’s always worth mentioning—so simple that it’s brilliant. The ice cream sandwich.

Jose Mier's Ice Cream Sandwich Photo
So Simple It’s Brilliant!

The Ice Cream Sandwich has been popular for well over a century. USA sources indicate that it was first offered back in 1899. The basic concept includes a serving of ice cream between two biscuits. The biscuits are often chocolate flavored or graham crackers. The ice cream sandwich has grown in popularity over the years for many reasons. Kids can eat the item and it keeps their hands from getting messy. That is a simple idea, but parents seem to appreciate the concept. That is why they often buy the ice cream sandwich for their kids. Think about how the idea has grown too.

Many new manufacturers are selling the ice cream sandwich in stores. Supermarkets are now selling the treat very quickly to many people. It becomes very popular each year during the hot summer months. It is a quick treat to eat and families can stock up on it as well. It keeps well in the home freezer and can be served as a dessert. That makes the ice cream sandwich a popular and versatile treat to offer. Families can enjoy the treat together and learn more about it. That explains why supermarkets are now selling bulk boxes and new varieties of the ice cream sandwich to people.

Jose Mier Agrees With Australians

Worldwide popularity for the ice cream sandwich has expanded. Australians are very fond of the dish and try to eat it often. Summer actually takes place during December and January for Australians. That is why they tend to buy the dessert during these odd months. Italians and Israelis are also very fond of the dessert treat. The ice cream sandwich tends to sell quickly in warm weather climate. That makes sense, because it is a cold dessert item. Supermarkets often direct their ad campaigns towards the warm weather locales too.