Alabama’s Favorite (and a Jose Mier One, Too): Butter Pecan

butter pecan ice cream frozen jose mier

Frozen Jose Mier Revisits A Southern Fave

Frozen Jose Mier profiled a similar flavor some time ago. If you’re a regular reader you know that, but butter brickle is not butter pecan so indulge me as I sing the praises of this very popular ice cream

butter pecan ice cream frozen jose mier
butter pecan ice cream frozen jose mier

Pecans abound in Alabama. Indeed, it’s the state nut so it makes sense that their favorite ice cream flavor make use of it. Butter pecan is not an exotic flavor by any means but the combination of sugar, butter and the nuttiness that pecans bring to the mix all contribute to make this one of Alabama’s, and indeed America’s most popular flavors.

When you think about the top flavors in the United States, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry top the list. But take a look in the freezer section at your supermarket and tell me if there’s not butter pecan available in great quantities. That should tell you something.

I enjoy the creaminess and firmness of a good ice cream but again I call attention to the contrast that this particular flavor has. There’s a smoothness of the ice cream base and the crunchiness or chewiness of the nuts inside. I’d like to use the term al dente, which Italians use went talking about pasta. Literally it means “to the tooth” and it’s that slight resistance of the noodle when you bite into it that makes it more delicious then if you boil the heck out of it. I think that’s the same thing with pecans and butter pecan ice cream. That bit of resistance when you get to the nut in contrast to the smoothness of the ice cream makes it even more enjoyable.

As I said it’s one of America’s top flavors and you’ll have a hard time not finding it commercially. But as I always say making it yourself is always worth the effort and there are hundreds of recipes for you to choose from on the Internet. It’s so popular the same goes for videos available.

So you, and even I here in Sun Valley, California, need not go all the way to Alabama to sample the states favorite flavor of ice cream. I don’t even have to look to know that it’s available at my local Baskin-Robbins store. Let’s all join Alabama and razor cone to butter pecan ice cream.


Alabama’s Favorite (and a Jose Mier One, Too): Butter Pecan
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Alabama’s Favorite (and a Jose Mier One, Too): Butter Pecan
Frozen Jose Mier takes a journey to Alabama, whose favorite ice cream is butter pecan. There's a contrast between the smooth ice cream and chewy nuts.
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