frozen jose mier chocolate peanut butter ice cream

Buckeye Fave: Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

ice creamjose miersun valley cachocolatefrozen jose mierpeanut buttersun valley ca

Frozen Jose Mier Compares Versions Residents of Ohio are familiar with the desert tree known as the buckeye. These are round chocolate covered bits of peanut butter. So because the buckeye is so beloved in the Buckeye State it makes sense that this treat transfered into the state’s favorite ice cream. It’s kind of a ….  Read More

frozen jose mier berries and cream ice cream

Oregon: Berries and Cream Ice Cream

ice creamjose miersun valley caberries and creamfrozen jose mieroregonsun valley ca

Frozen Jose Mier Gives a Thumbs Up What is the state of Oregon known for, other than the Ducks? Well, if you’ve ever been there in the summer months you know that there’s all kinds of varieties of fresh berries available. Raspberries, blueberries, huckleberries, marionberries and there’s probably a few that I have not mentioned. ….  Read More

Frozen Jose Mier's vegan brownie ice cream

Pennsylvania Mania: Brownie Ice Cream

ice creamjose miersun valley cabrownie ice creamfrozen jose mierpennsylvaniasun valley ca

William Penn and Jose Mier Nod in Agreement Pennsylvanians are on to something. And that’s something this chocolate. And is it any wonder since the Hershey chocolate company is based in this state? This is another one of those ice cream flavors that makes me scratch my head and ask myself, why didn’t I think ….  Read More

Frozen Jose Mier's strawberry ice cream cone

Oklahomans Are OK (With Strawberry Ice Cream)

ice creamjose mierfrozen jose mieroklahomastrawberry ice creamsun valley ca

Frozen Jose Mier Approves What can I say about Oklahoma? I am told, from reasonably good sources, that it’s an area where the wind comes sweeping down the plain. All kidding aside, the people of Oklahoma voted overwhelmingly to proclaim strawberry ice cream their favorite flavor. Now, in past Frozen Jose Mier reviews I may ….  Read More

purple huckleberry ice cream frozen jose mier

I’m Your Huckleberry: Idaho’s Favorite

ice creamjose mierfrozen jose mierhuckleberry ice creamidaho

Purple Treat Fit for Prince (or Jose Mier) Frozen Jose Mier here with another state favorite ice cream flavor. Idaho’s State fruit is the huckleberry. So it makes perfect sense that their favorite flavor of ice cream would be Huckleberry. We don’t get much call for that flavor around these parts—Sun Valley California that is—and ….  Read More