Florida’s Favorite Ice Cream: Orange Cream

Frozen Jose Mier's orange cream ice cream in tray

Frozen Jose Mier Remembers Summer Flavors

If you were to associate one fruit with the state of Florida which fruit with that be? That’s mostly in a rhetorical question since Florida is so famous for oranges. It’s no surprise then, that the favorite ice cream flavor of that state would be orange cream.

Frozen Jose Mier's orange cream ice cream in tray
Frozen Jose Mier loves to whip up orange cream ice cream

Florida is one of those states with a unique flavor in that the basis is citrus. With the exception of something like Superman ice cream which utilizes lemon flavor, Florida’s top choice for ice cream is the only citrus flavor in my list of top state ice cream flavors .

There’s something about this flavor, at least for me, that makes me think of summertime. You remember running after the ice cream van during this hot summer months and ordering a creamsicle? I do. And one of the, if not the most, popular creamsicle flavors was orange. You had to lick, or bite your way through the orange popsicle outer shell to get to the frozen vanilla creamy center. There was something tangy and rich about the mixture of these two flavors. It brings back great memories.

Floridians no doubt experience the same rush of good memories when they dig into their top ice cream flavor. And they are not alone; the flavor does remain popular as is evidenced by the fact that orange creamsicles, orange sherbet and a host of other orange flavored ice creams are always available at our local supermarkets. I can always find a plentiful supply here in my Sun Valley, CA environs. You can too, I’m sure.

If you love the taste of citrus it’s not hard to find, but as I always say–at the risk of repeating myself—why not make it yourself? Because it is such a popular flavor there are a variety of recipes online and using fresh orange juice is going to make the flavor pop much more then commercially available brands. Fresher is always better, I say.

If you’re in the mood for something cool yet sunny, why not whip up a batch of Florida sunshine which is orange cream ice cream?


Florida’s Favorite Ice Cream: Orange Cream
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Florida’s Favorite Ice Cream: Orange Cream
Frozen Jose Mier touts Florida's favorite flavor: orange cream ice cream. Using fresh orange juice for your own recipe makes all the difference.
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