Akansas Goes Bananas: Banana Nut Ice Cream

banana nut ice cream on jose mier plate

The Ultimate Frozen Jose Mier Flavor

Before I go any further I have to say that the state of Arkansas is not the only one going bananas. On the Frozen Jose Mier list of top ice cream flavors, banana comes pretty darn close to the top. This may just be a personal preference, but there’s something about the flavor of the banana it lends itself so effortlessly to ice cream. Is it the sugar content in bananas? They certainly add another level of sweetness to an ice cream. No, I guess it’s just that distinct banana flavor—that tropical quality —that makes it the perfect choice to freeze and enjoy.

banana nut ice cream on jose mier plate
Bananas and nuts. What’s not to love?

When I was a kid, banana flavor was a rarity. Only occasionally did the ice cream man carry banana popsicles. However, when he did and I got a hold of one I was in seventh heaven. That’s how much I love the banana flavor.

I’m not alone, Arkansas loves banana nut ice cream just as much is I do. And it’s a somewhat popular flavor evidenced by the fact that you can — or at least could—get it commercially. I did a quick search for banana nut ice cream online and found references to and pictures of banana nut ice cream manufactured by Crystal Creamery. However, a check of The Crystal website revealed this flavor is no longer on their list.

Regardless, visitors to Frozen Jose Mier know with certainty what I’m going to say next: There’s no substitute for making it your self. Even if you can get a hold of the commercially, or some variant of banana nut ice cream such as Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, there’s just no better way of creating this great flavor of ice cream then to do it yourself. Banana ice cream on its own is a great flavor but as I said before, contrast is key, and the addition of nuts is something that takes banana nut ice cream to the next level. Since this is such a popular flavor you’ll have no problem finding and choosing a recipe on any number of websites. A cursory look at YouTube also reveals that there are many, many how to videos available.

So if you, like me, and the residents of Arkansas feel the need to go bananas, it’s time to whip up a batch of our own banana nut ice cream.

Akansas Goes Bananas: Banana Nut Ice Cream
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Akansas Goes Bananas: Banana Nut Ice Cream
Frozen Jose Mier goes crazy for banana nut ice cream. In fact, banana flavor is one of his all time favorites. Arkansas shares this feeeling.
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