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Jose Mier booger ice cream screenshot

Frozen Jose Mier on Booger Ice Cream

Jose Mier’s frozen desserts is, I hope, one place to find unique but also bizarre frozen desserts. If you remember not too long ago I took it upon myself to list the Top ice cream flavors in every state of the union. I’ve also listed some strange ice cream flavors such as black sesame in Maryland mud. As you know I’ve been Busy adding flavorful but run-of-the-mill frozen desserts that are delicious which strikes fear into the heart of the ice cream aficionado.

Today I change that up. That’s because in my most recent search for different flavors of ice cream I happened upon a National Geographic article for kids listing a strange ice cream flavors. Some of these are strange in name only, while others really do have bizarre ingredients such as cicada ice cream. This particular flavor actually does contain cicadas–those insects that appear in parts of the United States every 13 years. Fortunately, I am not going to going to detail about this particular ice cream but rather the one that’s on the top of this National Geographic list: booger ice cream.

Jose Mier booger ice cream screenshot
Jose Mier booger ice cream screenshot

Of course this would appeal the kids because, well, kids just like disgusting things Google even at the mention of Something like a booger. Now before you start rushing to the bathroom at the sound of this ice cream, let me assure you no boogers were harmed — or used– In the making of this dessert. No, it’s just the name that creator gave to this green ice cream as a marketing idea and apparently it was successful because store where This was created in Delaware is featured in several online articles. You can pick this flavor up at the ice cream store in Rehobeth Beach Delaware.

The owner is quoted in Slashfood:

Of course, the shop’s owner, Chip Hearn, was banking on the gross-out factor. In a flash of marketing genius, he decided to create the ice cream after tasting a booger-flavored Jelly Belly jelly bean (a part of their ‘BeenBoozled’ collection that contains other gross-out flavors like Rotten Egg, Moldy Cheese and Barf). “Let’s make ‘Booger’ and let’s make it great just to mess with everyone,” the ice cream maker recalls telling his staff.

So for those of you want to try this at home—I live in Sun Valley California witches about 3000 miles away from Delaware—the recipe is really just cake batter ice cream with green food coloring. Also in the mix are green colored caramel and those dried marshmallow bits like the kind you find Lucky charms cereal. Even if you don’t make it exactly the same as this ice cream shop in Delaware I think this would be a real treat for kids, especially around Halloween. Just the name is going to send shivers and giggles throughout any group of kids you want to serve this to. In fact, that’s the idea and I’m going to try it out with My kids. I think this is a great pick! Pun intended.

More Strange Ice Cream Flavors
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More Strange Ice Cream Flavors
Ice Cream flavors that are weird are always of interest to Jose Mier. Today he explores booger ice cream. A green treat that will make kids giggle.
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