Frozen Jose Mier and the Giant Chipwich Cake

jose mier favorite chipwich Takes Our Favorite and Makes It BIG

Frozen Jose Mier is all about frozen desserts and one of the most popular in the last few decades is the chipwich. For many of us growing up in the United States one of our favorite frozen treats was the ice cream sandwich. It was great: vanilla ice cream sandwich between two layers a chocolate cookie-like substance which more often than not tended to stick to a child’s fingers. As I said it was good but somebody along the way came up with a great idea putting ice cream between two chocolate chip cookies.

jose mier favorite chipwich
jose mier favorite chipwich

Thus the chipwich was born. There are variations on this: you can use any cookie and any ice cream flavor, but the original calls for vanilla ice cream inside the two cookies and for good measure chocolate chips lining the ice cream on the outside.

As with anything, somebody’s going to take an idea and improve upon it. How can you improve upon the chipwich? Make it really, really big! In fact, turn the chipwich into a giant cake. That’s just what the geniuses at have done. They’ve taken a frozen dessert that was already a 10 and turned it up to an 11. Take a look at the recipe, but in short you’ll be baking two giant cookies between which you’re going to spread your ice cream choice and of course press those delightful chocolate chip morsels onto the side. If you’re hungry you can certainly eat this by yourself (with two hands), however it’s really meant to be served like a cake and cut into portions.

If you take a look at the photo on the website you’ll get an idea effort just how ingenious this is and how delicious it will be when you bite into it. As with similar ice cream recipes you’ll need to soften the ice cream prior to spreading but as suggests do not use slow-churned ice cream as these tend to melt more than other varieties.

Even if you don’t want to make this gigantic chipwich you can find a smaller version I Just about any ice cream parlor in the country. Here in Sun Valley California I know I can usually get my fix at a local shopping mall. If you’ll excuse me I think it’s chipwich time.

Frozen Jose Mier and the Giant Chipwich Cake
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Frozen Jose Mier and the Giant Chipwich Cake
Frozen Jose Mier in Sun Valley, CA has discovered the giant chipwich. has taken the beloved chipwhich and made it gigantic.
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