Blue Moon Redux: Wisconsin Favorite

Blue moon ice cream on Jose Mier's cone

Frozen Jose Mier Gets the Blues

Frozen Jose Mier here from my base in Sun Valley California. Try as I might, I don’t think I’m ever going to find blue moon ice cream in my community. As readers of this blog know I wrote a Frozen Jose Mier article some time ago about blue moon ice cream. Well, I’m listing all the ice cream’s that are the favorites of each state in the United States and it just so happens the blue moon is a Wisconsin favorite, so here we go again…

Blue moon ice cream on Jose Mier's cone
Blue moon ice cream on Jose Mier’s cone

You probably will have to go to Wisconsin to try a scoop of this. It’s not one of those that you can find easily in the grocery store. No, this is one of those that’s a regional favorite. In doing a little more research into blue moon ice cream I got some more insight into its history. The evidence, although not without some doubt, points to a chemist at a food company in the 1950s. Indeed that company, Petran Products, owns the rights to the original recipe.

How do we describe the flavor of this ice cream? Some ecstatic fans say it’s otherworldly and really impossible to describe but people say this recipe on hits it right on the nose and its creator, a certain “chef 218515,” uses vanilla raspberry and lemon flavoring. As I mentioned in my earlier article some people say real blue moon uses castoruem which is an excretion from beavers. If you really want to know more about it read my previous article.

As I also said, it’s such an obscure flavor that you really can’t buy it, you need to make it yourself. If the fans are correct in the recipe on gets it right you can use that to make this yourself. Barring that there are a number of videos available on YouTube, one of which I’m embedding here. I really do like finding out about obscure and regional flavors. It makes me feel kind of special, like I’ve got some esoteric knowledge that nobody else does. Be that as it may I’m sharing that information with you, so let’s whip up a batch of blue moon ice cream and join Wisconsinites in relishing their favorite flavor.

Blue Moon Redux: Wisconsin Favorite
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Blue Moon Redux: Wisconsin Favorite
Frozen Jose Mier rehashes the Wisconsin favorite: blue moon ice cream. Shrouded in mystery (both in history and its exact flavor) this is an obscure regional favorite.
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