Oregon: Berries and Cream Ice Cream

frozen jose mier berries and cream ice cream

Frozen Jose Mier Gives a Thumbs Up

What is the state of Oregon known for, other than the Ducks? Well, if you’ve ever been there in the summer months you know that there’s all kinds of varieties of fresh berries available. Raspberries, blueberries, huckleberries, marionberries and there’s probably a few that I have not mentioned. If you remember my Frozen Jose Mier post on Idaho, you know their state berry is the Huckleberry and they’re proud to put it into their ice cream. Same is true for Oregon.

frozen jose mier berries and cream ice cream
frozen jose mier berries and cream ice cream

Is there one specific recipe for berries and cream ice cream? Not really so the field is wide open for experimentation. Could be as simple as adding the berries to an ice cream base or is someone to do swirling in a berry purée or syrup. Whatever the case there’s no one right way to make it. Everyone loves berries so of course Berry ice cream is a relatively popular flavor and available commercially. But just looking at some of the photos of different berry ice cream concoctions online makes me really want to make it myself, and you should do the same.

If you’re the owner of an ice cream maker, so much the better. But if not, there’re lots of recipes for no churn ice cream that you can whip up yourself. The methods and Ingredients are limited only to what you have on hand or confined and if you’re in Oregon during the summer that means you have your pick, literally, just about as many berries as you could want. If only we had such a variety available in my hometown of Sun Valley, CA. Alas, greater Los Angeles is not known for its berries.

When I think of this ice cream the word purity comes to mind. What could be more simple, minimal an pure then a rich ice cream base and the tangy tartness as well as sweetness of fresh berries? I think that’s what attracts me to this ice cream and it’s making me hungry. So, if you’ll excuse me, I and the rest of the state of Oregon have some berries and cream ice cream to consume.


Oregon: Berries and Cream Ice Cream
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Oregon: Berries and Cream Ice Cream
Frozen Jose Mier exults over Oregon's favorite ice cream flavor: berries and cream. Alas, Sun Valley, CA (Jose's home) is bereft of berries.
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