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Cherry chip ice cream frozen Jose Mier

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Cherry chip ice cream is not that unusual. It’s not an exotic flavor, really, like superman ice cream. But it’s not one that you’re going to find easily on grocers’ shelves. Oh sure variations are available commercially, but I don’t think the demand is that great. Not like the old favorites chocolate vanilla or strawberry. The residents of Utah, however, love this flavor. That makes sense since the state’s favorite fruit is the cherry. And if the whole state loves cherries you’re going to find it in the ice cream.

Cherry chip ice cream frozen Jose Mier
Cherry chip ice cream frozen Jose Mier

Now if you have read oh my earlier frozen José Mier posts about ice cream you know I’m a big proponent of making it yourself. I’m also kind of a purist. Therefore I don’t go for some of those commercially packaged cherry ice creams that are pink or red. For me Cherry chip ice cream is going to have hey pure vanilla base and loads I’ll flavorful cherries. Plus it’s going to have that extra added zing of chocolate chips. From a presentation standpoint having the bright red cherries stand out from the vanilla background makes a powerful statement and the little brown chocolate chips tell you that there’s even an extra flavor in this particular ice cream.

The website, Like Mother Like Daughter, has a great recipe. The use of fresh, pitted cherries Will make this extra special. You don’t want to be using candied or canned cherries.

What makes this cherry ice cream unique compared to others like new York’s cherry ice cream is of course the addition of chocolate chips. There’s something about the flavor of cherry and the crunch of the hardened chocolate chips that makes us extra special. Course a lot of people like cherry ice cream. Just look at the success and renown of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream. That’s a great flavor and Ben& Jerry’s does make some quality ice cream, some of the best I’ve found, but do take the time and make it yourself.

As I said it’s available commercially, but trying to find a video recipe is a little difficult. I had to hunt a bit defined one that was acceptable and I embedded here for your enjoyment period Just thinking about cherry chip ice cream is making me hungry Area so if you’re like me let’s join a host of residents of Utah and raise a cone of cherry chip ice cream together.