Bitten by the Wolf: North Carolina’s Wolf Tracks Ice Cream

Howlin’ Jose Mier Approves

North Carolina is known for its wildlife, like wolves. It’s not a stretch, therefore, that their favorite ice cream would bear the name of one of the state’s best-known animals. Any ice cream with the word tracks in it means it’s going to be loaded to capacity with different tastes and textures and this one is no exception. It’s akin to Moose Tracks but it’s got its own unique identity and fan base.

Wolf tracks ice cream in Jose Mier cup
Jose Mier howls over wolf tracks ice cream

Wolf tracks ice cream is a combination of chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Chocolate fudge and peanut butter cups and it’s amazingly popular in the Tar Heel State. We actually owe the popularity to North Carolina State University since they have on campus one of the best ice cream production facilities anywhere in the world. It’s known as Howling Cow ice cream and their products are known and loved throughout the state.

This is one of those ice creams that is a regional favorite. Of course North Carolinians gobble it up but there’s another area of the country that’s famous for wolves. Minnesota and Wisconsin are two states with a lot of wolves and the ice cream is also a favorite there. You might find it commercially available but brands like Bridgemans are regional to those aforementioned states.

For the real thing a trip to North Carolina may be in order. That’s the birthplace of the flavor and while I’d suggest making it yourself, recipes for this flavor are nonexistent on the web. Still an enterprising ice cream do-it-yourselfer can concoct a reasonable facsimile from the ingredients I listed above. Like Michigan’s Superman ice cream, you may otherwise just have to wait to taste the real thing. I can almost guarantee you’ll wolf it down!