Frozen Jose Mier Decadent Ice Cream Cake

Frozen Jose Mier Real Simple Ice Cream Cake

Jose Mier Loves This One From RealSimple

Frozen Jose Mier is always on the lookout for new interesting–and delicious–frozen dessert recipes and the latest one I’ve found does not disappoint. As you know I scour the Internet looking for the best looking and best tasting frozen dessert recipes in today’s search paid off big time.

I happened upon the website which has a list of new and interesting frozen desserts to try this summer yes, I know it’s already September. But for us here in Sun Valley, California, Summer seems to last well into October if the southern California temperatures have anything to say about it. So for us here at least the opportunity to enjoy frozen delicacies lasts a long time.

Frozen Jose Mier Real Simple Ice Cream Cake
Frozen Jose Mier Real Simple Ice Cream Cake

The one recipe that caught my eye is the one for a peanut butter ice cream crunch cake. The photo on The website Sealed the deal. This was something extremely decadent and rich that I really wanted to try. And so I have. Just take a look at ingredients. The additions of real peanut butter and dark chocolate mean This is going to be exquisite frozen dessert. I will warn you, it’s not something you can whip up in five minutes. It will take about 45 to construct everything and in the freezer, but it will be worth it.

Ingredients include heavy cream, peanut butter, Kosher salt, chopped dark chocolate, vanilla ice cream, chocolate-peanut butter ice cream, sugar, honey, water and baking soda. The most time-consuming stuff Will take place at the beginning when you combine the peanut butter cream and Salt in a sauce pan , boiling it and then pouring over the chocolate to melt it and then stir.

Like other frozen desserts you’ll have to take out your ice creams and let them soften them so that you can work with them. You’ll spread the vanilla ice cream first in a cake pan, and then spread your melted ganache and some chopped peanuts over the top of the vanilla. Freeze this layer for a couple hours before continuing.

Next comes the chocolate peanut butter ice cream we shall spread over the ganache, Cover with plastic wrap and freeze for another two hours.

The other ingredients, sugar honey water, you’ll boil them to make a light amber colored syrup which would ready you will pour over some chopped peanuts. You Will let this cool embrace this brittle into pieces for the top of the cake. Real Princess sprinkle with sea salt and serve.

As I said, it will take some time to complete this masterpiece, but a masterpiece it is you and your family are going to go hog wild over this delicious, decadent dessert.

Frozen Jose Mier Decadent Ice Cream Cake
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Frozen Jose Mier Decadent Ice Cream Cake
Frozen Jose Mier has found another scrumptious dessert in's Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cake
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