Who Thought of This Crazy Delicacy? Bubble Gum Ice Cream

Jose Mier's Bubblegum Ice cream

From the freezer of Jose Mier:

Bubble gum ice cream combines the best of both worlds with pieces of my favorite chewy candy blended into a sweet, creamy base. Its vibrant, speckled colors attract my eye and it brings back that nostalgic aroma of classic bubble gum I loved as a kid. The ice cream base itself is vibrant pink with a tinge of light blue, and it is sprinkled with fun dots of multicolor bubble gum. Upon taking a bite, I taste these colors come to life with a delightfully sweet burst of flavor. As the ice cream starts to melt, the frozen gum pieces become soft and chewy – making this flavor perfect for when I can’t decide whether I’m craving candy or ice cream.

Jose Mier's Bubblegum Ice cream
Bubblegum Ice cream. Whoda Thunkit?

This flavor is special to me because it takes me back through sweet treat history with two comforting icons. Bubble gum was invented back in 1928 in Philadelphia, and this sticky sensation with a distinct flavor took the world by storm. It takes me back to eating candy after school and hoping to find a piece or two at the bottom of my Halloween candy bag. On the other hand, ice cream has been a dessert staple with variations dating back to ancient times. I’m glad that throughout history, these two sweet treats were able to meet in marriage to create this truly one-of-a-kind ice cream flavor. It is the only ice cream flavor that you can continue to savor long after it is gone since your are left with flavorful pieces of gum.

Whether the smell captures me as I walk into an ice cream parlor or I find myself grabbing a half gallon from the frozen section of my grocery store, bubble gum ice cream will continue to be one of my favorite ice cream flavors because of its colors, classic taste and the pure whimsy of this delectable mash-up.