It’s a Treat to Beat Your Feet on the Mississippi Mud (Ice Cream)

Frozen Jose Mier Fave: Mississippi Mud Ice Cream

Jose Mier Celebrates The Old Magnolia State’s Favorite Flavor

How can a state not claim as its favorite ice cream flavor that which bears its own name? Simple. It can’t. And so Mississippi’s ice cream of choice is (no surprise) Misssissippi Mud.

Frozen Jose Mier Fave: Mississippi Mud Ice Cream
Frozen Jose Mier Fave: Mississippi Mud Ice Cream

And what is this mud you may ask. It’s one of the things this state is famous for. A thick, rich dessert comprised of whipped topping, chocolate pudding, cream cheese and other goodies depending on the recipe.

Traditionally served in pie form it was only a matter of time before someone made it into an ice cream flavor and Mississippians are glad he (or her) did!

Unlike some obscure state flavors (like Alaskas’s Eskimo Ice cream) this flavor has burst the boundaries of the state and is available commercially by any number of ice cream companies. Giffords is one but Ben and Jerrys also makes a version (what don’t they make?). The various companies’ versions are as varied as the people of the Magnolia State but most contain chocolate or coffee ice cream, nuts, cookies or graham crackers.

The whole concept of Mississippi Mud makes me imagine myself as a child with a bucket of dirt on the beach or next to a river. Taking those delightful memories and putting them in a cup or cone is genius because nothing recalls those halcyon days of childhood better than chocolate and this ice cream has it in spades.

Sun Valley is 2,000 Miles from Mississippi

You can snap up this flavor at the local market, but if you’re not in Mississippi (and I, Frozen Jose Mier, am far from there here in Sun Valley, CA) it always best to make a batch yourself. It will be richer and more satisfying than anything mass-produced.

So if indeed it is a treat to beat your feet on the Mississippi mud, so it will be for your tongue and tastebuds!