Jose Mier Goes European with Nutella Ice Cream

Jose Mier holding Nutella ice cream on cone

Welcome to another Jose Mier ice cream post. If you’ve ever been to Europe (or even to Mexico or Canada) you’ve realized there’s something different when you arrive at the breakfast table. In all these places you’ll probably find that uniquely-shaped jar of chocolate-hazelnut spread know as Nutella waiting for you.

It’s kind of a shock for Americans to wake up to what’s basically a candy paste on their breakfast tables but many people love it and even Americans get used to partaking in this sweet breakfast spread.

Jose Mier's Nutella Jar on Table
Jose Mier does like the taste of Nutella.

Regardless of whather you enjoy it for breakfast, it does lend itself very well to the dessert area. The mix of chocolate and hazelnut is a unique combination that delights the tongue. It’s also a perfect flavor for an ice cream. Personally I have not seen this flavor offered in many places. It’s kind of a specialty flavor, but then again, I’m trying to bring obscure ice cream flavors to a wider public and let everyone enjoy them instead of just keeping them a “secret” or a regional specialty.

Jose Mier on Nutella Ice Cream Recipe

Jose Mier holding Nutella ice cream on cone
Jose Mier loves the creaminess of this ice cream

Even though it’s a bit obscure, like anything these days a search on the internet yields a tremendous amount of results. Therefore it’s not difficult to find a recipe and make it yourself even if your favorite ice cream parlor doesn’t have this particular flavor on their menu. The recipe I’m listing here only has six ingredients so it’s not difficult: milk, cream, sugar, nutella, salt and vanilla extract. Preparation is easy and if you’ve got an ice cream maker you’ll have some to serve in 30 minutes. Personally I prefer harder ice cream so I’d leave it in the freezer for a while to solidify even more.

If you love the taste of nutella on your toast and you love ice cream like I do, then this is a no-brainer. You can have a cool taste of Europe on a cone or in a cup to enjoy without even having to leave the comfort of your own home. Jose Mier wishes you “bon apetit!”