Green Tea Ice Cream: Unique and Healthy

Jose Mier bowl of green tea ice cream

Fresh out of Jose Mier’s freezer.

Jose Mier bowl of green tea ice cream
Jose Mier’s bowl of green tea ice cream

Green Tea is always popular with people, mainly because it offers some antioxidant properties. But the taste is hard to beat too. Many people are experimenting with green tea ice cream in their own homes. The product has been offered as a recipe on many hit TV shows. There are some commercial brands that are also selling their own version of green tea ice cream. You can learn how to make the product and benefit from the healthy ingredients it can provide. That is sure to be a family favorite for people who are new to making it. See how the green tea ice cream is going to be made right in the home kitchen.

The ingredients won’t be too strange to many people. Milk and sugar are often used to make the ice cream base. Get a machine that makes it easier to whip up some ice cream right at home. But the brewed green tea is another valuable item in this recipe. Make sure it is distilled and pure enough to be used as an ingredient. Allow the green tea some time to chill before using it in the mix after brewing. That will prevent the base ice cream from melting during the mixing process. Add a little honey to provide some sweet flavor to the mix. Green tea ice cream is fun to make and a joy to eat as well.

Experiment with the strength of the tea and how sweet the ingredients can be as well. More added egg yolks will make the dessert a little creamier. Some people prefer a soft and creamy texture to the ice cream that they eat. Green tea ice cream will also take on a green tint to it. That is how the commercial makers are boxing their green tea ice cream. Add a little green food coloring to finish it.

Or, what the heck, just go buy some.