Jose Mier’s Worst Desserts

Jose Mier donuts in Sun Valley, CA

From the Sun Valley, CA Freezer

José Mier here in my Sun Valley California restaurant freezer. You may think this is a little weird–and it certainly is the opposite of everything I’ve been doing for the last couple of years however, I thought it would be fun to Talk about the worst frozen desserts as opposed to the best.

Now the word worst can be pretty subjective and it could mean just bad tasting or it could referred to in Excess of fat, sugar calories. In my opinion however, if the frozen dessert taste good has a good presentation I really don’t care about the amount of fat, sugar or calories in it. We all know that we shouldn’t overindulge in anything, especially tremendously rich desserts. Every once in a while it’s Great to experience a taste of indulgent frozen delicacies.

Jose Mier donuts in Sun Valley, CA
Jose Mier worst dessert example in Sun Valley, CA

No, for me the word worst signifies something that looks and or tastes bad. In my research on the subject I was surprised to find a lot of information subject and many people willing to write about how badly thought certain desserts were.

Case in point: I’ve used the website taste as a reference before. Well, date to have the list of worst and best desserts. In this instance they’re talking about fast food restaurant desserts. On the whole, I think you take a risk with any fast food restaurant desert. They are there pretty much for convenience need To make extra money. As an aside I’d like to point out those sugar coated dough balls that fast food pizza joints serve as a so-called dessert are the worst. Is just an excuse to try and get some more money from leftover Pizza dough.

You can check out the list on as well as watch the video that I’m including in this article and if you don’t have an opinion on the subject yourself these may give you an idea of what to avoid.

But, you may ask, what is the worst frozen dessert in The opinion of José Mier? For me it would be any type of milkshake. First and foremost I don’t like drinking something thick and gooey I’m Eating a hamburger or any other Mail but more than that, if I want ice cream I’ll take it in solid form, please. Exceptions to this rule are Wendy’s chocolate shake, just really a form of soft serve ice cream and therefore acceptable, as well as the blizzard by Dairy Queen. I think they’re even required to hold it upside down before the service to demonstrate just how thick it is.

Anyway, that’s my two cents. Until then, enjoy your frozen dessert, good, bad or otherwise.

Jose Mier’s Worst Desserts
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Jose Mier’s Worst Desserts
Jose Mier’s Worst Desserts include things that look and taste bad. For Frozen Jose Mier, extra fat, sugar and calories can be okay.
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